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About Us

Mochie Enterprise
P.O. Box 81161
San Marino, CA 91118-1161

His name is Mochie. He is a big yorkie. We started raising him 6 years ago. He is the love of our life.  We take him wherever we go.  We cook for him everyday so he is eating healthy food.

There is so many dogs out there still homeless and waiting for someone to love them. We feel we need to do something about it so we started selling Flush Doggy and donating part of our profit to ASPCA.

We need to educate the world on the cruel problem of puppy mills.  Not only puppy mills are a heartless business, they create overpopulation of dogs.  It's like a snowball effect, never-ending homless dogs are being put to death because they can't find a lovely home. Start educating yourself and the public.  Remember, never buy pets from pet stores or you will be part of the puppy mill chain.

Mochie's mom
Vivian Chen :)