Flushable Dog Poop Bags

America's 71 million dogs produce 29,000 tons of waste each day.

Use flushable dog waste bags!

EPA states "Flushing pet waste is the best disposal method." Click here for more info

flushable dog poop bags
flushable dog poop bags
paw  Earth friendly
paw  Sturdy For Long Walk
paw  Flushable
paw  No more stinky garbage
dog poop bags

FlushDoggy, is a flushable dog waste bag. Dog poop can be flushed down the toilet and degrade naturally, just as our own poop.Dog poop is the major source of fresh water contamination and it pollutes our earth. Stop destroying our earth and start educating the public, one poop at a time. Be a responsible owner and go green for our pets.You might ask why we need to care about dog poop and plastic bags. Study has shown that almost 4% of landfills is dog poop, nearly as much as disposable diapers. That's close to 10,585 thousand tons of dog poop each year. Also people use plastic bags to get rid of poop and you know how plastic bags will stay for up to 1000 years WITH the POOP inside, right? Even biodegradable dog waste bags are not designed for landfills. Most of the landfills are not supposed to biodegrade trash. They are too tightly packed for biodegradation to happen there. Without oxygen, these biodegradable bags will not biodegrade and still overcrowd our landfills and pollute our earth. Nothing really biodegardes in most of our landfills, even banana peels.

Dogs are our best friends and they make our life more complete. However, each day tons of dog poop and plastic bags are piling up at landfills and polluting our earth. To make things worse for the earth, we, as dog owners, put dog poop inside plastic bags. These plastic bags will stay for hundreds of years and kill our planet.

Therefore, the most eco-friendly way to take care of dog poop is to flush it down the toilet, just like what we do with our waste. The sewage system will take care of all the nasty stuff and biodegrade dog waste safely. Just imagine what would happen if we all threw our own waste in the trash and not used toilets.

For as little as $5 a month, you can make a difference in this world and be a "GREEN" dog owner.

flushable dog poop bags
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