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Flush Doggy

400 flushable poop bags. Free shipping within United States.

400 flushable poop bags. Free shipping within United States.

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Best Value ! For less than $5 a month, you are saving the planet! Free shipping within United States.
  • 400 bags come in 20 travel packs
  • 20 bags/pack
  • Bag size: 10.75" X 8.5"
  • Sturdy for long walk
  • No more stinky garbage
  • Not recommended for septic tanks
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Customer Reviews

Based on 139 reviews
Alpaca Kim
I love this product!

I have a 4 lb. toy poodle. These bags are so convenient. It makes disposal simple wherever I am with her.

Karen Shuman
Love Flush Doggy bags

They are so easy and convenient to use. I have a Labrador retriever and always struggled with what and how to keep the backyard clean. I have been using Flush Doggy bags for at least 6 years and can’t be without them. My grandkids can play in the backyard and not worry about stepping in anything. So easy to flush if you pick up soon after your dog does their business. When I walk her, I take regular bags and deposit in the doggy station.

Don't know what I'd do without them

I've used Flush Doggy bags for two animals; one has lived and other did live to a ripe old age. Product and service always totally satisfactory. People walk a lot of dogs in our neighborhood and I'm disgusted at how many people leave it right where it lays. I also don't like people dropping their non-flushable bags in my trash bin because I don't like it to get stinked up. Change the world, use Flush Doggy!

Andrew White
Far superior to any other solution to dog waste

Why shouldn't a dog's waste join human waste in the sewer? That's what that is designed for. Certainly far superior to throwing it away and contributing to the stink of garbage.

Excellent product - it's all we will use.

John Kline
Great Product!

Love these bags that we can flush.