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Flush Doggy

200 flushable poop bags. Free shipping within United States.

200 flushable poop bags. Free shipping within United States.

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  • 200 bags come in 10 travel packs
  • 20 bags/pack
  • Bag size: 10.75" X 8.5"
  • Sturdy for long walk
  • No more stinky garbage
  • Not recommended for septic tanks
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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Michael Smith

Makes life easier. Just flush down the toilet. No smell in our garbage cans

Michael Haberkorn
Best way to deal with dog poo.

We’ve used these for a number of years and really like the ability to flush them. It’s sanitary and requires the least amount of effort to dispose of. Never had a blocked sewer as they break down quickly.

Tina Shull
I love this product!!

I’ve been using this product for the last 4 years. It makes cleaning up after my dog so easy. Being able to just flush his poop down the toilet and not having to deal with it again is so wonderful.

Joanne Richards
The very best

Anyone that has a dog should try these. They work well and are harmless to your pipes. Our dog is now 12 and we have been flushing his poop everyday, sometimes twice a day for al these years!

Linda Cody
Flush Doggy is a wonderful product

I discovered Flush Doggy flushable bags several years ago, and am delighted that I can dispose of my dog’s waste in the easiest and most environmentally conscious way. No more stinky trash bins, and we have never had issues with our plumbing due to Flush Doggies.