Green Dog Owners Say....

Marci,  Atlanta, GA.

I began using flushable bags in March--but not Flush Doggy brand. My Weimaraner (56 lbs) has soft stools and the bags I used would often break before our walks ended. I was however, "hooked" on the flushable bag concept. Note: we go through about 210 bags in 2 -2.5 months. I ordered my first Flush Doggy bags in May. The bags are thick enough to pick up loose stools and "survive" three mile walks.The bags are sturdy and flushable. I am quite satisfied.

Maddie Hughey-Outhwaite, Estero, Florida
I love my Flush Doggy bags more than any others. They slip down the toilet effortlessly! My mommy got some Whole Foods bio-degradable poopy bags and they were not nearly as strong as the Flush Doggy bags and they just fell apart and my poop fell right out! The bags at the dog park are supposed to be environmentally friendly, but they take a long time to break down in a land fill. So mommy says that from now on all my poop's going into flushable bags and we never have to think about it ever again!
Tom from Tewksbury, MA
Flush Doggy ships promptly. Bags are easy to use. Please sell a handy container to attach to the leash.
Megan and Pebbles- south Philadelphia
Flushdoggy bags have been a lifesaver since I moved into a 2nd floor apartment with no means of disposal for the "poo bags" other than our indoor trash can. Thanks so much!!
Joanne, Alpharetta, GA
These are great! I used to pay a lot more for the green bags - and Flush Doggy are actually better and easier to use; they're more plyable!
Lorraine ---Florida
Flushdoggy bags are great!! I have a packet in the car for traveling and keep a packet in my travel bag when I take my "Little Bil" to Obedience school. Packs are on stand-by at each door so I never have to search for them. We bought a pooper scooper and have not used it since we bought Flushdoggy bags. Thanks for making life a little easier.
Nita Sebastian, New Lebanon, Ohio
I admit I was alittle worried about flushing the bags because they are so thick. Than one day I up a bag in my tote along with some other things, including a travel mug of coffee. Well, the mug tipped over in the tote and the lid wasn' tight. Guess what....It turn my doggie bag into light, fluffy foam. After that. I had no worries about flushing them. And they are thick enough that your fingers won't go through. Thanks for this great product.
Jordan - Atlanta, GA
Flush doggy bags are great. They are sturdy enough to pick up even the nastiest mess, and they come in a small carrying pouch like travel-size tissues. I like that I don't have to stink up my trash can anymore.
Scott Schroeder, Wiesbaden, Germany
We moved to Germany and wanted a good way to dispose of our dog's waste without putting it in the trash. Works great!
Christy of Brookeville
Cool bags. Flush well and do not obstruct plumbing. Do not dissolve before disposal as do other flushable poop bags we have tried. Will be ordering more.
Ann Van Alt, Seattle, Washington
I live in Seattle and walk my dogs 3-4 times every day, rain or shine. Flush Doggy bags have never left me ... ummm ... holding the bag. Great product!
The Gyaraki's, FL
We are tempted to walk door-to-door around our entire neighborhood to donate (on a one-time basis, ha, ha) these handy poop bags to all the dog-owners! I sure wish everyone used Flush Doggy Poop Bags. Thanks!!!
Tammy -- San Diego, CA
Great product. I have a yellow lab and  I used to have stinky trash can because of the dog waste. Now I can feel good about not dumping dog waste in the trash and helping out the environment.

Rose, Ner York,

I live in an apartment and do not have access to a dumpster within short walking distance. Flush Doggy bags are great and save me many trips to the dumpster.

Carolyn - Tucson, Arizona
Simple green idea that people should've invented long time ago. Thanks.

Kelly of Corona, Calfornia
Using a flushable dog poop bag makes sense for me. I will tell my friends about your product. Thank you.

John of Lafayette, CO
I love the fact that my doggie pal is saving the environment. Go green !

Cherry, Portland, OR
Dog poop is nasty. Flushing reduces waste pollution. Good idea.

Daisy, Orlando, FL
Found your product from an eco blog. Tried and love your bags. Will buy again.

Cynthia of  Pasadena, CA
Wow. It it the best poop bag I have ever bought. Cost about the same as regular poop bags but it's flushable and biodegradable. Very easy to flush. My dog thanks you.